Sports betting apps could temporarily shut down in CT with new license requirement

Fantasy sports apps like DraftKings and FanDuel may have to shut down in Connecticut -- at least for a few months -- ironically because state lawmakers are legalizing sports betting.
A bill in Connecticut has a new license requirement for fantasy apps, a license they don't currently have.
"Who knows how long that's going to take? It could take six months; it could take two years," said Peter Schoenke of the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association. "So everybody that enjoys playing fantasy football on DraftKings and FanDuel and these other contests -- they might be locked out of the whole football season."
Craig Zysk says fantasy sports is a way to have fun and make some money.
"It's basically just a daily game that allows you to pick different players from different teams," he said.
The bill's author says fantasy apps are already operating without state approval.
Rep. Maria Horn called it a "murky area" when asked about enforcement, versus a lack thereof in previous years.
"I have had no conversations with anyone in which I have heard any intention to go after them," Horn said.
“We’re not going to speculate on enforcement,” said Gov. Lamont’s spokesman, Max Reiss. “They’re the ones who would be running the risk of continuing to operate.”
"I personally, would probably pass if they didn't have a license on it. Just might not feel comfortable doing it," Zysk said.
The fantasy sports industry is hoping state senators will make changes to the bill. If they don’t, the new license requirement begins July 1.
FanDuel said it had no comment on the legislation. DraftKings wasn’t available for comment. Foxwoods Casino, which plans to partner with DraftKings, said it’s reviewing the situation.