Stamford-based Americares deploys response team to aid Ukraine crisis

Stamford-based Americares announced it is sending an emergency response team to Poland to offer medicine and relief supplies for the crisis in Ukraine.
The team, which is headed to Krakow, has expertise in coordinating large-scale shipments of medicine and relief supplies as well as mobilizing emergency medical teams in crisis situations.
“We’re focused on meeting the health needs of families caught in the violence and those fleeing Ukraine,” Americares Vice President of Emergency Programs Kate Dischino says. “There’s an urgent need for medicine and medical supplies as well as basic relief items to protect health. At the same time, Ukraine is battling rapidly rising COVID-19 infections and a polio outbreak. It’s a humanitarian crisis with immense health needs and we’re ready to help,” Dischino says.
Americares says the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24 prompted a mass exodus of families, including many women and children seeking safety in neighboring countries. At least 677,000 people have already fled Ukraine, according to the united Nations Refugee Agency, and hundreds of thousands more are expected to leave Ukraine in the coming days. Inside Ukraine, major damage to infrastructure has left many families without clean water, electricity, food and other essential items. The United Nations estimates more than 100,000 are newly displaced, adding to the 1.5 million internally displaced since 2014.
Americares says it is prepared to deliver medicine, medical supplies, emergency funding and relief items to the region and has activated its roster of staff and volunteer medical professionals in the event they are needed to provide surge support in neighboring countries. Staffed by physicians, nurses and other medical professionals, Americares medical teams provide primary care services, emergency treatment for injuries and as well as mental health and psychosocial support services to help survivors cope with stress and trauma.
Americares is working closely with the World Health Organization, regional health authorities, and international, national and local response organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries to ensure a coordinated response to the crisis.