Stamford man charged with girlfriend's death over a year later

Vines is accused of killing Stephanie Guirand, 36, in the Woodside Green apartment the two shared.

Marissa Alter

Oct 6, 2023, 9:56 PM

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More than a year after a Stamford woman was shot and killed, her boyfriend has been charged with her death. Anthony Vines Jr., 41, was arraigned on a manslaughter charge at Stamford Superior Court on Friday. Vines is accused of killing Stephanie Guirand, 36, in the Woodside Green apartment the two shared. He's been in custody since that night in connection to the homicide but now is charged with it.
"I will note, Your Honor, that the victim's family is present. They've been incredibly patient while this investigation has been pending," Assistant State's Attorney Elizabeth Moran said during the hearing.
The investigation began on Sept. 13, 2022, after Vines allegedly called 911 to report he'd just shot his girlfriend and thought she was dead. Police responded to the couple's apartment and said Vines was waiting outside for them, unarmed. Police said he was immediately detained.
"Mr. Vines has maintained throughout this investigation that the shooting was an accident. And he has also said that he was armed with the gun to protect himself from the victim who was wielding a large kitchen knife at him," Sgt. Sean Boeger told News 12.
The couple got into a heated argument over the payment of a bill, which escalated into violence, according to Boeger.
Vines is a convicted felon and was immediately charged with criminal possession of a firearm. During court, officials said he has 17 convictions out of state from 2001-2013 for charges including criminal possession of a firearm, multiple assaults, threatening, assault on a public safety officer, enticing a riot and violations of probation and conditions of release.
"He had not been in any trouble recently, had been gainfully employed, seemed to be trying to get his life on track when this incident occurred," Boeger said, adding he didn't believe police had been called to the address before that night.
Vines has been held on $500,000 while the investigation continued. Boeger said the investigation took a while because it focused heavily on forensic testing, specifically the gun and the physical location of certain evidence at the scene. Both the gun and knife were recovered near Guirand's body.
"When all those things are contrasted versus what Mr. Vines says occurred specifically, there were several inconsistencies that came to light," Boeger explained.
That led to the new arrest warrant and manslaughter charge.
Boeger said there's no evidence Vines planned to kill Guirand, but "the death was due to recklessness on his behalf."
"The police department would like to extend its condolences to Mr. Guirand's family. This was not a quick investigation, and they were very very understanding through the whole process," Boeger said.
Vines' total bond is now $1 million. He's back in court Nov. 6.

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