Stamford man recuperates after NYC attack

A Stamford man says he feels lucky to be alive after a near fatal stabbing in Manhattan.
Carter Cochran was waiting to catch a train on a subway platform when a homeless ex-convict stabbed him, according to police. Cochran says the stabbing took place after he got in between an altercation between a pregnant friend and the suspect.
"I said 'get out of here, get away,' and I started to push him away," says Cochran. "He came up underneath and then he stabbed me."
The knife just missed his heart and lung.
"I thank God," says Cochran.
Herron Wilson, the alleged attacker, has been charged with assault and weapons possession. Wilson served 11 years in prison for manslaughter, according to authorities.
Cochran will continue to ride the subway, but jokes he should see something in return for the freak attack.
"I should get an unlimited train ride for life," he says.