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Stamford officials unveil Vision Zero projects to make roadways safer

The goal being to have zero fatalities and serious injuries on Stamford streets by 2032.

News 12 Staff

Feb 24, 2023, 10:36 AM

Updated 484 days ago


Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons has announced a number of investments in infrastructure to make streets safer for drivers and pedestrians as part of the city's Vision Zero initiative.
Mayor Simmons signed a Vision Zero bill in September. The goal is to have zero fatalities and serious injuries on Stamford roadways by 2032.
A Vision Zero task force has since been formed to create a Vision Zero action plan.
Simmons announced Thursday several projects aimed at ensuring greater walkability, access and pedestrian safety across the city.
The projects include a Latham Park area infrastructure project. $2.7 million in state grant money will help fund the project.
The city will also invest $1.2 million in traffic signal restoration and $1.5 million in roadway design and reconstruction.
$1 million from American Rescue Plan Act money will be invested in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects.
The Vision Zero task force will conduct a Washington Boulevard safety study. 
The task force has also put together a Vision Zero crash dashboard. It shows the location of crashes resulting in injury or death. It also includes graphs and charts detailing crashes in Stamford and comparisons of crashes in Stamford to other Connecticut cities.
Finally, there will be 19 pedestrian safety pilot projects. The projects will target locations around schools, parks, train stations, business areas and locations with a history of pedestrian crashes. The pilot project locations will be used to study pedestrian safety enhancements for possible future construction projects.
There will be public input for some of the projects. You can find more information on Stamford's 'Vision Zero' initiative here

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