Stamford residents revel in winter snowstorm

? What started out as a snowstorm early in the morning had turned into rain by early Friday afternoon, however, parts of the state saw up to 7 inches of snow by the time it stopped falling.
Plows were on the go and truck wheels were spinning as residents braved the winter storm during the morning commute. Those fortunate enough to have the day off from work spent their time shoveling sidewalks and digging their cars out of the snow. Regardless of how they spent their Friday, Stamford residents agree on one thing: it finally looks like winter.
?I love the snow,? Jean Charles says. ?I like to play on it, I like to shovel snow.?
Some people stayed in and enjoyed the wintry view, while others went outside to play in the snow and built snowmen. One Stamford resident who operates a snow plow said he made some extra cash Friday working overtime to clear the streets.
J.P. LeCamp was off from work Friday. He says he was able to spend the day with his kids and use his snow blower for the first time. ?I love it, it?s beautiful,? he says of the snow. ?Especially when I?m on vacation. If I had to go to work today it would be a whole different story.?
While snow may be fun for some, it is extremely dangerous for others. Accidents were reported across the state, one of them closed a portion of 1-95 early Friday morning. With rain and freezing rain expected, residents were advised to stay inside and use caution if they absolutely had to drive.
For footage of New Canaan kids enjoying the snow, go to Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.
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