Stamford parents voice concerns over cuts to school programs

Stamford residents had a chance to voice their concerns over cuts to school programs during the Board of Education public budget hearing Thursday night.
As News 12 has reported, parents and staff have been vocal about saving the school's music programs.
Security, high school electives, and staff jobs are also at risk of being cut.
The current budget pitch is a 6.5% increase, but Stamford Public Schools says it would take a nearly 10% increase to maintain all programs.
Over 40 Stamford residents spoke out against the cuts in a virtual hearing.
"To jeopardize the music programs, high school electives and AP courses, school security, support staff would be an absolute travesty, that would significantly negatively impact our students and our schools,” says parent Jeff Herz.
The district says these cuts stem from a "devastating"  $12.5 million reduction during the pandemic.