Stamford schools reopening delayed to allow teachers more to time to prep for COVID-19 vaccine effects

Stamford Public Schools were expected to open Monday, but the date was pushed back to later this week to allow teachers time to recover from possible COVID-19 vaccine effects.
Elementary school got pushed back a day, but middle schools are still set to reopen on March 15.
Many teachers were vaccinated this weekend. In a virtual meeting, Superintendent Dr. Lucero and Stamford principles answered parents' questions about students returning to school full time.
Lucero says they work with doctors regularly, and due to the declining trends in COVID-19 positivity rates in the last six to eight weeks, they decided it was a safe time to do so.
He says lunch was the most complicated factor to return to school. At Dolan Middle School, they will use the gym as well as the cafeteria for extra lunch seating and have a plan if students are not within 6 feet of each other.
If you want to opt your child out of full return and switch to distance learning, you should contact your building principal.