State officials encourage drivers to make plan for New Year's Eve

State officials are urging drivers to plan ahead before New Year's Eve.
The Connecticut Department of Transportation has teamed up with state and local police for the "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign.
There is already an increased police presence on the roads, which will last through the holiday.
DOT officials say everyone should be mindful of drivers this time of year.
"If they're driving impaired, if they're distracted, if they're speeding or being reckless, they need to be taken off the road. But really, the responsibility and the accountability starts with every one of us." says Josh Morgan, DOT spokesperson.
State police reported 34 DUI arrests last New Year's weekend.
This past weekend alone, there were 29 DUI arrests and four fatalities.
Morgan says if you don't have a sober driver, there are always ride-share services and taxis.
"Do not ring in the new year this weekend and then look around, and everyone's looking at that set of keys on the table saying, 'All right, which one of us is going to drive home? Which one of us is the least drunk?' There is no such thing as 'least drunk,'" says Morgan. "Those aren't just numbers, those are empty seats at dinner tables, those are people who are not going to be ringing in the new year over the weekend. Those are more than statistics, they are human lives, and we want everyone to remember that when they get behind the wheel this weekend."