State police: No criminal evidence related to rug found in Farmington River

There is no criminal evidence tied to the stained rug pulled from the Farmington River, state police say.
State police were called Sunday after a rug was pulled from the Farmington River not far from the former properties of Fotis Dulos and his company the Fore Group.
Social media influencer and paranormal investigator Sean Austin says he and a team of divers found the carpet in the river yesterday and called police.
Farmington police say they were made aware of the finding by those who discovered the rug and requested Connecticut State Police Major Crimes squad to assist with the investigation.  
However, police say detectives tested several large, irregular, brownish-colored stains on the rug and a presumptive test determined they were not blood.
After canvasing the area, police say they located more rugs in the river and after speaking with a local kayaking group, investigators learned the rugs are used to launch and retrieve kayaks as well as keep vegetation growth down in the waters.
Police determined the rug was likely used for this purpose.
In a TikTok video, Austin and a group are seen pulling a rug ashore on the banks of the Farmington River.
The carpet appears to have a dark-colored stain on it. On social media, Austin says the rug looked "very disturbing" and was wrapped around two cinderblocks.
Austin says he has been looking into the case of missing New Canaan mother Jennifer Dulos and believed there may be evidence in the water of the river.
Jennifer was last seen in May 2019 and is presumed dead despite her body not being found.