State rests case in trial of accused Fairfield dog killer

The prosecution rested its case Monday in the trial of Heidi Lueders following testimony about an alleged confession.
Assistant State's Attorney Felicia Valentino called Fairfield Detective Kerry Dalling as the final witness. Dalling took the stand virtually and recounted processing Lueders on Jan. 15, 2019, after Lueders turned herself in on an active warrant. Dalling testified Lueders began crying during booking.
"She said to me that she didn't want to say anything that would be used against her, but she can't believe she did this. She made comments about she was a terrible person," recalled Dalling. "And then she went on to talk about how much she loves dogs. She talked about how she has tattoos on her body commemorating dogs."
Lueders' arrest came after police discovered the remains of five dogs inside the home Lueders was renting on Nov. 14, 2018. Police testified earlier in the trial that the dogs were reduced to just bones and locked in cages. They also said the home was full of garbage, animal feces, and drug paraphernalia. An expert witness told the court it was his opinion the dogs died from lack of food and water.
"She told me she had just gotten out of a rehab facility that day, and I think she was just very emotional," Dalling testified. She said despite reading Lueders her rights, Lueders continued to talk.
"She was asking me if she should be concerned for her safety. She asked me if I thought she'd ever be able to own dogs again. And obviously those are questions I couldn't really answer for her, but she appeared to be expressing remorse to me," said Dalling.
Lueders is on trial before Judge Peter McShane, charged with five counts of malicious wounding or killing of an animal and criminal damage to property.
It's not known if Lueders will take the stand when the trial resumes. Defense Attorney Rob Serafinowicz told the court he likely won't call any witnesses but will let the judge know his decision Tuesday afternoon. Both attorneys will present closing arguments then. McShane said he hopes to have a verdict by the end of the day.