State Senate approves new rules on AI use in Connecticut

The state senate is expected to vote on legislation that will regulate the use and transparency of AI for consumers.

News 12 Staff

Apr 24, 2024, 9:34 PM

Updated 24 days ago


The Connecticut Senate approved new rules on Wednesday to regulate the use of artificial intelligence as a measure to prevent computers from discriminating against humans.
"They're using it to screen tenants. And so, they would run them through and create a ranking for their tenants to decide who is going to go into the apartments.," says Democratic Sen. James Maroney.
The new legislation would let consumers know if AI is being used to make decisions on health care, employment, education, housing, utilities and criminal cases.
It would also help identify altered pornographic images that were shared or "deep fake" pornography as a crime.
It's not clear if Gov. Ned Lamont will support the bill.
"I do worry that if it is too burdensome and regulatory, all the startups in and around AI will not be in Connecticut. They'll be in Georgia or Texas," says Maroney.
Senators scaled back the bill considerably to get the governor on board.

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