Stop & Shop workers union strike continues for 7th day

The Stop & Shop workers union strike is now in its seventh day.
About 30,000 employees across southern New England say they will do whatever it takes to fight for their future.
The Stop & Shop on Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport is closed, and workers say they received their last paycheck Wednesday.
The workers are now applying for unemployment, and some have already been living paycheck to paycheck.
About 13,000 Stop & Shop workers across the state have been on the picket lines since Thursday. They say the company, which made $2 billion last year, wants to take away pensions and vacations and triple their health care costs.
A 38-year-veteran of the company says she is not giving up.
"They say when there's a strike that picket lines go down every day, and people are losing momentum and they're not showing up, but that's not the case. We are stronger every day," says Juliette Sabo, of Stop & Shop Local 919
Stop & Shop President Mark McGowan apologized directly to customers yesterday in an email saying, "We are committed to resolving our labor negotiations as quickly as possible."
Workers say the company has been in negotiations with the union in Providence Rhode Island, but don't expect the strike to end any time soon.
They say right now they have already lost this week, including Easter weekend and Passover.
Former Vice President Joe Biden plans to speak at a rally Thursday in Massachusetts in support of Stop & Shop workers.