Storms clear overnight; tracking spotty weekend rain for the Hudson Valley

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Meredith Garofalo says this weekend will see calmer conditions after heavy storms impacted parts of the Hudson Valley.
NEXT: Quieter with chances of showers on Friday and Sunday
OVERNIGHT: Strong to severe storms end. A few showers still overnight. Lows in the upper-40s and low-50s.
FRIDAY: Mainly cloudy - some hints of sun, but still unsettled with a few spotty rain showers. Highs around 58. Lows around 34.
SATURDAY: Mainly sunny to partly cloudy. Highs around 56. Lows around 38.
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy. A few rain showers. Highs around 54. Lows around 38.
MONDAY: Sun and clouds. Highs around 57. Lows around 41.
TUESDAY: Increasing clouds with showers developing. Highs around 57. Lows around 41.