Stratford clears storm drains ahead of October nor’easter

Stratford officials say they're working hard to make sure they're prepared for some nasty weather that is expected to last until Tuesday afternoon.
Mayor Laura Hoydick helped break ground Tuesday on a $4 million restoration project at Great Meadow Marsh. Officials say when the marsh is healthy, it can help take on some of the surge from storms like the looming October nor’easter.
In the short term, Hoydick says autumn storms can pose different challenges from summer tropical storms, due to clogged drains from fallen leaves and the threat posed from tree limbs.
"As we speak, [crews] are clearing all the storm drains, Stratford itself has about 6,000 storm drains. If residents want to clear those leaves out, that will be helpful as well,” she says.
The mayor also encouraged residents to bring in anything that's liable to get blown around.
"Patio equipment, umbrellas outside, hanging plants. Really secure those items, because we don't know how strong these winds are going to be,” she said.
Coastal Connecticut will have a flash flood warning in effect from this evening through Tuesday afternoon.