Stratford law firm collects medical supplies for Ukraine

A Connecticut law firm is collecting medical supplies for the people of Ukraine. 
Rosenberg, Whewell & Hite of Stratford are gathering donations for bandages, splints, topical antiseptics and other supplies. 
Organizers say the materials will be shipped to an organization that distributes relief supplies directly to Humanitarian Aide in Ukraine. 
They say many of the victims are seniors, women and young children desperately in need of emergency medical care. 
"These are people who are fleeing their homes unexpectedly. They're people who are injured by bombings and shillings, by artillery fire,” says Osi Rosenberg, of Rosenberg, Wehwell & Hite of Stratford. “They're just humans trying to live their lives and they wake up, and all of a sudden their whole country's up in flames and they need help." 
For more information on how to donate, click here.