Stratford Public Schools to bring back elementary students 4 days a week despite surge of COVID-19 cases

Stratford Public Schools announced Wednesday that it will start bringing back elementary school students four days a week despite some districts going fully remote until 2021 due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases.
Superintendent Dr. Janet Robinson says although the town's COVID-19 metrics are high, they don't coincide with the metrics in the district. She says there hasn't been a single coronavirus transmission inside the schools.
Students will still have a fully remote option if their parents prefer.
Executive Director of the Connecticut Association of Public Schools Superintendents Fran Rabinowitz says in most districts, it’s not students' safety that's a concern, it's staffing issues when a teacher has to quarantine. There are less substitute teachers willing to work this year, according to the district.
She says she's spoken with state officials and they believe in-person learning is most beneficial to younger students.
Rabinowitz says some districts are offering student teachers a temporary shortage certificate so they can start substitute teaching and fill the void.