Student gives $6K she raised selling lemonade to sick classmate

A Greenwich fifth-grader presented a check to a sick friend today after making over $6,000 at a lemonade she set up over the summer.  
Addison O'Loughnane set up the stand on Greenwich Avenue to raise money for her friend Sam Buck, who is living with a disease called vanishing white matter, which over time deteriorates white brain cells.
Only about 250 people in the world currently have the disease, and there's no cure. 
Addison and her sister, Devon, presented third-grader Sam Buck with the check at Glenville School. 
Sam was all smiles as he held onto it and didn't really seem like he was willing to let it go, he even said he'd like to put it in his piggy bank. 
His mom, Allyson, said she was so grateful, and that the money will go toward their foundation to help support families around the world affected by the disease. 
The money will help fund wheelchair vans and lifts because those are things that insurance usually doesn't cover.