Students with disabilities, parents say school district is failing them

Students with disabilities and their parents say their school district is failing them.
The families are from the Amity Regional School District, which includes Woodbridge, Orange and Bethany. They voiced their concerns at a Board of Education meeting Monday evening.
Two students, Zackari and Cassie, tell News 12 they feel excluded from athletics and opportunities for recreation. They would like to see a club formed where all students team up so the community feels more unified. 
Zackari has Down syndrome, and Cassie has a learning disability. 
"The director of athletics here has flat-out said to me, ‘We let one of these kids into our athletic program,we have to let all of them in,’" says parent Mark Schneider.
During the public comment period of Monday's Board of Education meeting, Cassie took the microphone and shared her experience.
"I think I can add a lot to a team and and they can learn a lot from me," says Cassie.
Cassie's sister believes starting a Best Buddies program for all type of kids would be a good start.
Superintendent Jennifer Byars told News 12 that there are unified sports teams for student with disabilities. She added that if there is student support and a faculty sponsor for the Best Buddies program, the school will cover the fee to get it going.