Sunny start to weekend, but rain looms for Sunday in Connecticut

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says it will be a bright and sunny start to the weekend on Saturday, but showers will develop throughout Sunday.
The wet weather will linger through about early Tuesday.
SATURDAY: Mostly sunny. High of 66, low of 51.
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy with showers in the afternoon. High of 63, low of 54.
MONDAY: On-and-off showers. High of 67, low of 54.
TUESDAY: Early showers, then some sun. High of 69, low of 58.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy with showers. High of 67, low of 60.
THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy showers. High of 68, low of 56.
FRIDAY: Sun and clouds. High of 70, low of 55.