Swiss man stops in Fairfield during cross-country walk

A Swiss man made a stop in Fairfield Wednesday on the final leg of his seven-month march from Los Angeles to Boston, meant to promote solar power.Martin Vosseler hit the road on Jan. 1, and he says it took him six days just to get out of the Los Angeles area.Now, he is a few days away from reaching his final destination of Boston Common, but he says the accomplishment of his goal of is still years away. Although Vosseler is a foreign citizen, his life?s mission is to promote renewable sources of energy in the United States. ?We have to tap the renewable source, this fusion reactor, sun, in safe distance to the Earth that sends the energy every day,? he says.Vosseler says that although at first sight many people mistook him for a homeless person, the journey allowed him to educate Americans about the benefits of using renewable energy resources.Lauren Cetlin, of Fairfield, saw Vosseler walking by and brought him lunch because she believes in his message. ?To have somebody make a real stand, a walk to get the message across is really quite wonderful,? she says.Vosseler says he averages between 20 to 35 miles a day and expects to arrive at Boston Common in about nine days.?If the motivation is there, amazing things are happening, so I encourage people to live their dreams,? Vosseler says.For more on Martin Vosseler, go to Channel 612 on your iO digital cable box and select iO Extra.