Teacher brings 'Hate has no home here' campaign to Westport

A national anti-hate movement that began in Chicago now has a growing, visible presence in Westport.
Signs that read “Hate has no home here” in multiple languages have been cropping up across the country.
Teacher Kerstin Rao says she saw several similar signs while on a trip to Evanston, Illinois, and wanted to bring the inclusive message home.
Rao says she had her own signs printed at Baker Graphics in Westport and is selling them at cost.
"This is the best of what America really is," she says. "And we've got to put it right out there for the world to see."
Baker Graphics says it has already sold about 1,000 signs and has plans to produce another 1,000 to 2,000.
Signs can also be picked up at Steam Coffee at the Green Farms train station and La Rouge Chocolate by Aarti. The website Westportmoms.com is also asking community members to send in their pictures with their signs. Their email is info@westportmoms.com.