Tech school that promises jobs comes to New Haven

A San Francisco-based school with a non-traditional approach to teaching and to paying tuition is coming to western Connecticut.
The Holberton School promises students a high-paying job in the tech field within two years.
Holberton announced Tuesday that their second campus in the entire country is coming to New Haven. Gov. Dannel Malloy announced that Holberton will start classes in January.
At Holberton, students have the option of paying tuition after they get a computer programming job. If they take it, they pay 17 percent of their salary for three years.
Holberton has raised more than $8 million from investors.
"And it works. Our students find jobs everywhere, small companies, big companies, tech companies, non-tech companies," says Julian Barbier, Holberton School co-founder.
Holberton's application process is different too. They don't collect any information about where you live, your gender or your ethnicity. Instead, it's all based on an online project you finish.
Gov. Malloy thinks the school could be a game-changer for tech in Connecticut.
"Right now, there are thousands of unfilled jobs in Connecticut because we're still catching up with the pipeline that we need to establish," says Gov. Malloy.
The state says 300 new tech jobs are created every year.
For now, they're only accepting 30 to 50 people into the program, within a few years, they hope to have 1,000.
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