Tensions high in court as 2 suspects are arraigned in Bridgeport double homicide

An angry crowd was met by extra security at a Bridgeport courthouse Thursday as two men went before a judge in connection with a double homicide.
Graphic video released by Bridgeport police last month in hopes of solving the two killings shows a drive-by shooting at Atlas Gas station on July 10.
The incident left two families grieving, including the family of 18-year-old Kazzmaire Dorsey, of Bridgeport.
In the courtroom Thursday, 18-year-old murder suspect Jahmir Daniel, on crutches for his arraignment, was charged with pulling the trigger that killed the two victims.
The other teenager, 19-year-old Jack Vaz, also appeared before a judge Thursday. According to the arrest warrant obtained by News 12 Connecticut, Vaz is accused of tampering with evidence and obstructing justice by hiding the scooter seen in the video in a wooded area in the North End after the double shooting.
Tensions were high outside the courthouse following the arraignment, during which several people were escorted out of the courtroom for emotional outbursts. Extra security was called in both inside and out to ensure a peaceful proceeding.
Attorney John Gulash, representing Vaz, stressed that his alleged involvement was limited to hiding evidence after the fact.
“There's no suggestion my client was involved in the homicide," said Gulash.
Daniel's bond is set at $5 million, and Vaz’s bond is set for $1 million. They are due back in court on Aug. 30.