The Download: Hatch Restore

Have you been getting enough sleep lately? Maybe your bedroom alarm clock needs a high-tech upgrade.
A good night's rest is very important for your general health and well-being - but with all of the technology and distractions in our lives getting that good night's sleep can be challenging.
There are lots of sleep sound machines to choose from - but few can do everything that the Hatch Restore can do.
The Hatch Restore is a smart sleep device that replaces your traditional alarm clock. It has a specialized reading light, a sound machine to help you relax, a timed night light and a "sunrise alarm" that uses gradual light and sound to wake you up gently.
All of it is programmed through the Hatch app, which has an endless amount of options and content to choose from.
The Hatch restore also has some pre-programmed routines designed by sleep scientists. But really the Restore is about customization.
The Hatch Restore is available now for $130.