The Real Deal: Have a student heading to college this year? Ways to save on off-campus housing

Do you have a student that is heading to college this year? Well, there are plenty of ways to save on off-campus housing.
Cort, an international furniture rental company, can make moving your kid into college a whole lot easier. Whether kids are going to college down the street or across the country, Cort provides packages with all the stuff needed to furnish a home.
"They start at $129 a month and what that gets you is a bedroom, living room and dining room," says Cort showroom sales supervisor Maria Boscarino.
Cort not only provides the furniture, but it also delivers and sets it all up.
"We just need two business days to get you all set up," says Boscarino. "You call us on a Monday, you are set up by Wednesday."
Besides beds and chairs, customers can also get items like towels, pots, pans, artwork, rugs and televisions.
Caleb Silver, of Investopedia, says a room organizer alone can cost $130 and a mini fridge comes in at the same price.
"Beyond room and board, the back-to-school cost to get our kids ready to go back to school this fall is climbing year after year," says Silver.
Taking advantage of something like Cort can help your kid focus on adjusting to school and help lighten your load.