'This is going to be chemical warfare.' Man makes threats inside Yale New Haven Hospital

A man made threatening statements inside Yale New Haven Hospital, prompting a hazmat response and partial diversion of patients.
The incident happened Monday night when the suspect walked inside the hospital around 10 p.m., asked to see someone in charge, and became agitated and belligerent.
Officials say the man reached into his backpack and threw a stained towel on the counter and shouted "this is going to be chemical warfare."
Officials say a security guard secured the area and called 911.
When the fire department arrived on scene, they isolated the area which only included three staff members.
Around 35 people were evacuated from the hospital. 
Three staff members were evaluated at the scene but not affected or injured by the substance on the towel. 
Non-critical care patients were taken to Saint Raphael campus but officials say the emergency department remained open. 
Director of Emergency Management, Rick Fontana say the suspect has not been identified.