TikTok stars Ling and Lamb open nail salon

TikTok stars and Norwalk residents Ling and Lamb have opened a nail salon now trying their hand as business owners.
The social media influencers have opened Wowww Nails by Ling and Lamb on River Street.
The two whose real names are Taccara Rae (Ling), and Yinka Lawanson (Lamb), became overnight sensations on TikTok after posting just one video. 
"I have not eaten my Nigeran dish in a very long time so a friend of mine sent me a bowl, so I gave Yinka some and it was recorded, and we are like ‘OK, let's just put this on TikTok.’ We went to bed and the next day it like over a million views."
Now billions of views later, the two are expanding their brand and trying their hand in the beauty industry. 
From the décor, the artwork, and the neon signs, they say they want their customers to get the 'wow' experience.
Because no one knows social media better than Ling and Lamb, the couple says they encourage their customers to post pictures and video of their nails to social media.