Town of Kent has New England colonial charm, art galleries, and walking trails

In Litchfield County, the town of Kent is where nature meets Main Street and New England colonial charm meets fine art.
People from Kent would say the town just has a good vibe.
The town features about 25 hiking trails for outdoor enthusiasts with great views of the Housatonic River.
Many people flock to Kent to kayak and canoe, and to just connect with nature.
"It's what Kent is all about," Mark Fowler, of Grace Farms Foundation, says.
After outdoor activities, a lot of people like to go into town for a sandwich and the town's 10 food establishments from fine dining to bistro tape dining.
Kent also features a 40-year-old bookstore called House of Books.
Visitors flock to Kent every year to visit the Kenise Barnes Fine Art gallery, which is a beautiful landscape with barns that feature art which are connected by walking paths from gallery to gallery.
"In the summertime, the galleries have their doors flung open and all of the programs are a national world class art in a really beautiful small quaint town," Kenise Barnes says.
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