Troconis attorney wants a look at co-defendant's other cases

Michelle Troconis' attorney wants a look at her co-defendant's other cases as he is expected to testify against her when she goes to trial.
The Stamford-Norwalk Judicial District is home to the cases against Michelle Troconis and Kent Mawhinney -- both accused of conspiring with Fotis Dulos to kill his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos, in May 2019.
Now, Troconis' attorney Jon Schoenhorn has filed a motion for her defense in the Hartford Judicial District, where Mawhinney has two other pending cases.
He's accused of sexually assaulting his spouse, and then violating the protective order put in place after that first arrest.
Schoenhorn is asking for a court order compelling the Hartford State's Attorney to turn over all non-privileged material in those files regarding the investigation and prosecution of Mawhinney as well as any plea negotiations.
Mawhinney has been named a cooperating witness for the state in their case against Troconis.
Schoenhorn argues "the information sought contains potentially exculpatory impeachment evidence" which could be used to discredit Mawhinney on cross-examination.
Schoenhorn also calls Mawhinney a "jailhouse informant" whose testimony should be deemed less credible than other witnesses.
The former attorney and personal friend of Fotis Dulos was in jail for nine months, unable to post bond, following his arrest in January 2020.
In October 2020, Mahwinney was released on a substantially reduced bond after meeting with state police and providing a statement.
Schoenhorn says that statement implicates Fotis Dulos and Troconis in Jennifer Dulos' disappearance and presumed murder.
The new motion also says the Stamford State's Attorney agrees that this information should be turned over, but the Hartford State's Attorney believes a judge should decide.