UConn goes on lockdown after Trump Parc incident

The latest incident in a series of construction accidents at Trump Parc Tower prompted the administration of UConn at Stamford to close all campus entrances that are adjacent to the site.University officials locked the doors at the entrance on Broad Street and Washington Boulevard, which are located across the street from the construction.Now, anyone entering the campus will have to use the entrance on Franklin Street or on Washington Boulevard on the other side of the building.The lockdown comes after a 6-foot-long piece of wood fell from the 27th floor of the tower and hit a truck Saturday. So far, there have been four instances of debris falling from the site over the past four months.The first incident took place in May, when a piece of metal fell onto the roof of a water delivery truck. Two week later, debris shattered the roof of a car. In July, a 3-inch piece of metal smashed a window at UConn Stamford, prompting the shutdown of construction and an inspection of the site. Campus administrators say they are determined to protect their students, faculty and staff.A UConn spokesperson says university officials are very concerned for the safety of pedestrians walking near the Trump Parc site. They are urging people to avoid the main UConn entrance at all times.Associate Vice Provost of UConn Stamford, Michael Ego, says the university is working with the city on creating additional safety measures, including putting up signs that would direct people away from the main entrance across from the Trump Parc building.The university administration would also like a covered walkway to be erected on Broad Street between Washington Boulevard and Franklin Street.?We pleased that the city has accommodated both requests,? Ego says.It has not been determined yet when the new safety precautions will be implemented.
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