Vet: Cat abandoned at AristoKatz clinic in Fairfield recovering

A cat left outside the AristoKatz Veterinary Care for Cats in Fairfield during deadly subfreezing temperatures has made strides in a recovery that initially seemed uncertain.
As News 12 has reported, someone left the cat in a box on the clinic's doorstep six weeks ago. Staff named him Simon.
Dr. Geri Katz says Simon's initial chance of survival was unclear due to his low body temperature. It took six hours for the cat's temperature to even register -- and it didn't return to normal until the following day.
Katz says her clinic has decided to keep Simon. She says he's doing well and has gained some weight, but he still has kidney and digestive issues that she's treating.
Katz estimates the cat is about 14 years old, and he's become a kind of mascot for the clinic.
"Here he's got all the resources that he needs, and I've grown quite fond of him," Katz says. "It would be hard to give him up at this point."
Dr. Katz says that since the initial News 12 Connecticut story on Simon aired, community members have donated food, toys and even money for his care. He's also developed a following of fans who've visited the clinic to meet him.