Vigil held for Norwalk man killed in Bruckner Expressway crash

A vigil was held Tuesday at Norwalk High School for a man who was killed in a crash with a construction vehicle on the Bruckner Expressway.
The family Abe Prior says he and his fiancee were returning from dinner in New York with friends on Sunday when the driver first hit a concrete barrier and then the vehicle on the expressway.
The driver, Jorge Viteri, has been charged with DUI and manslaughter. He is also Prior's fiancee's cousin.
Family members say they chose to hold the vigil on the football field of Norwalk High School because Prior loved the game of football.
News 12 is told Prior was a father of two children. His finacee, Olga, was injured in the crash and is still hospitalized.
Friends and family say Prior inspired a lot of people in Norwalk through his love of football and basketball, and the joy he brought to every occasion.
Prior worked in the lumber business, but friends say they believed he would have become a football coach someday.