Viral moments: 2017 Year in Review

<p>2017 was a crazy year for politics, news and viral moments.</p>

News 12 Staff

Dec 28, 2017, 12:17 PM

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2017 was a crazy year for politics, news and viral moments.
Among many of the viral trends was one that is still irresistible to many: the fidget spinner.
Fidget spinners quickly became the must have gadget for kids, adults, and even astronauts.
On the downside, the gadget posed choking hazards and some reports say it even caught on fire.
If 2017 had a mascot, it may very well have been a baby hippo named Fiona.
The chubby charmer, born 6 weeks premature at the Cincinnati Zoo, seemed destined for viral stardom, with millions of viewers gobbling up new videos from the zoo almost weekly.
Fiona even managed to remain the center of attention during a couple's engagement at the zoo, pulling off a successful photobomb Fiona-style!
A historic building implosion in Atlanta had its thunder stolen by one commuter bus’s ill-timed arrival.
After 25 years of hosting events, Atlanta's Georgia Dome was set for implosion, but when the moment arrived, a metro Atlanta commuter bus rolled right in front of the money shot, live on the weather channel!
The blocking bus turned into a blockbuster online, quickly becoming the go-to meme for spoiling climactic moments.
Facebook even added a feature allowing users to MARTA-bomb their own profile pics.
One little girl showed the power of impeccable timing when she busted in on her father during a live interview with the BBC.
Professor Robert Kelly was conducting a web interview on the impeachment of the South Korean president when his 4-year-old daughter came gleefully dancing in with her little brother in tow.
Kelly tried his best to continue, but the damage was done, his kids and wife trying to save the day, had stolen the show.
Inevitably, the interview and the family went viral, and soon Kelly's daughter was the one being interviewed.
Amidst the chaos of 2017, there was one event that seemed to stop everything, if only for a moment, the solar eclipse.
For a couple of weeks in August, the looming celestial event basically eclipsed all other news.
It had been 99 years since a total eclipse made its way across the U.S. unobstructed.
People from all walks of life made plans, some traveling great distances to take in the moment.
Once it was over, we were left with some truly staggering images of the power of nature.

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