Volunteers prep for Minks to Sinks sale to benefit Family and Children's Agency

Wednesday was the second day people could drop off various items at the tent at Wilton High School.

Tom Krosnowski and Rose Shannon

May 1, 2024, 4:19 PM

Updated 17 days ago


A group of volunteers spent the week preparing and accepting donations ahead of this weekend's Minks to Sinks.
Wednesday was the second day people could drop off various items at the tent by the Wilton High School tennis courts. Donations will also be accepted on Thursday.
Volunteers go through the items, sort, label and price them.
The sale, a semi-annual event since 1931, benefits the Family and Children's Agency, which has an adoption agency and provides elder care, after-school programs, and mental health care.
Items for sale include cookware, electronics, toys, pet and baby supplies.
"We've got multiple minks and multiple sinks.You really never know what you're going to find," says Linda Koch, Minks to Sinks co-chair.
The hottest item this year are bicycles.
"Most of the tires are all blown up, and they'll check them again before the sale comes on Saturday and make sure they're in good shape," says Jennifer Davatzes, Minks to Sinks co-chair.
The sale begins Saturday at 9 a.m.
Sunday is bargain day, with all items half-off.
On Monday, people can fill a bag with as many items as they can fit for $10.
More than 150 volunteers are involved with the sale.
Koch says the amount of donations and support never decreases.
"I love the fact that things are not going to a dumpster. I love that things are being reused and repurposed. I had a thing against waste since I was young, so I love things being used. But I also love seeing these women that we've been working together with, you know for almost 20 years, twice a year. We work hard, we laugh hard and it's a great group of ladies," says Koch.

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