Volunteers team up with HomeFront to repair homes for veterans in Norwalk

Volunteers teamed up with HomeFront Saturday to help repair homes for veterans in Norwalk.
The Home Depot Foundation is donating three large-scale projects to benefit veterans. HomeFront, a nonprofit, is providing N-95 dust masks, rubber gloves, goggles, work gloves and hand sanitizers for all participating volunteers who are part of the Safer at Home campaign, which is meant to improve living conditions for 60 families affected by the pandemic.
Community helpers will focus exclusively on exterior repairs, addressing dangerous steps and walkways, rotting decks, yard cleanups and homes long overdue for fresh coats of paint.
Ronald Andrews, a veteran, says he could never afford the repairs needed on his house. Charlie Koons, a volunteer, says HomeFront Day was expected to be held in May but was pushed back due to the pandemic.
Volunteers say it's an honor to lend a hand.