Voters rally in support of lawsuit contesting Bridgeport mayoral election

Supporters of a lawsuit that claims workers in Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim's campaign illegally manipulated absentee ballots held a rally Wednesday.
Members of two civic groups, along with a voter who is a plaintiff in the case, gathered in a park near the P.T. Barnum housing development to show their concern.
Organizers say their survey shows people who are elderly, disabled, or don't speak English may have been manipulated into applying for absentee ballots and voting for Mayor Ganim and other candidates.
Now that the lawsuit has been filed, people are waiting to see what a judge might do.
"We are working as fast as possible to make sure the court has everything it needs to make sure whatever relief we are granted, that the court deems fair, is done in a timely manner," said Prerna Rao, an attorney representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.
Mayor Ganim tells News 12 he believes the lawsuit is "nonsense."
"Some of the people in that campaign have an M.O., and it is fight, lose, file lawsuits," he said.