Voters testify that election fraud occurred in Bridgeport mayoral race

Several voters testified Wednesday that election fraud occurred in the Bridgeport mayoral race during last month’s Democratic primary.
One voter testified that someone else filled out his absentee ballot while others testified to violations of state election law.
News 12 reported that state Sen. Marilyn Moore held a 344-vote lead on the machine totals over incumbent Joe Ganim but lost in absentee ballots 967-313. Moore lost the election by 270 votes.
A lawsuit that was later filed claims that Ganim campaign volunteers recruited absentee voters who weren't eligible. The suit also claims volunteers pressured absentee voters to pick the mayor over Moore.
John Bohannon Jr., Bridgeport's deputy city attorney, questioned one voter who said none of the handwriting on her ballot application was hers, including her signature. The woman testified that Wednesday was the first time she had seen the application at all. But the person who submitted her ballot application didn't work for Ganim; she was a Moore supporter.
Another voter testified that someone else filled out the ballot he cast.
"He just asked me to sign my name and then he would take care of it," said Kadeem Graham. "And that was the last I saw of the ballot."
Others testified they were recruited to cast absentee ballots even though they didn't qualify.
More voters are expected to testify Thursday.
A group connected to state Sen. Moore filed the lawsuit. The city's lawyers say it's all politically motivated and "sour grapes."
If ballot fraud is proven, a judge will need to determine if it was enough votes to change the outcome of the race.