Want to be a #News12StormWatcher? Here’s what you need to know.

Do you love weather? Are you always fascinated with storms? Are you always posting cool weather photos on your social media? Then you might be the perfect fit to become one of our News 12 Storm Watchers!
Below is everything you need to know about our News 12 Storm Watchers.
What is a News 12 Storm Watcher? 
Good question.
A Storm Watcher is a viewer who is engaged on social media, particularly during weather events, snowstorms, hurricanes, thunderstorms, after storms, rainbows, etc.  You love engaging weather content on social media!
What do we need from you?
If you are  chosen to be a News 12 Storm Watcher, we would ask you to post your amazing weather photos and videos on all of your social platforms (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) with the hashtag: #n12StormWatchers (and tag us, of course!)
Remember, we want to see your awesome photos and videos when wild weather hits! But always, safety first! And when it’s beautiful outside, hashtag those photos too! We love to share all weather photos!
We will then strive to share your photos and videos on air, as well as on our brand social platforms, with your permission, of course!  
We also have a dedicated Weather Digital Blog, where you can share your weather photos, reports, and stories, or perhaps ask the News 12 Storm Watch Team of meteorologists some questions.
What’s next?
Click here to apply! Please give us as much detail as you can - so we can check out your social media photos! If you are picked to be a News 12 Storm Watcher - someone from the News 12 will reach out to you.
And, of course, there might be some cool News 12 swag in it for you.
Anything else?
As mentioned above, your safety is first and foremost, so please do NOT put your life in danger to get the perfect shot! You’re a ‘Storm Watcher’ not a ‘Storm Chaser!’
To be clear, the New 12 Storm Watchers are not News 12 employees, they are fans of the weather who want to be involved in the News 12 content process.