Water main break leaves residents high and dry

(06/20/07) BRIDGEPORT ? A water main break near the Bridgeport-Stratford border disrupted morning routines for hundreds of residents Wednesday morning.
Aquarion Water Company spokesperson Jeff Farrell said the break occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. Water to about 600 people was then shut off four hours later.
According to Farrell, a trench safety shoring box hit the main and caused the break. Crews now have to follow various steps to get the water flowing once again for residents.
?We have to take out a 16-foot section of pipe. We?re gonna piece that together with new pipe and couplings,? Farrell said. ?We have to chlorinate the main. We have to flush the water main, and then we?ll put it back in service for the customers.?
Ferrell said water service could be returned to customers around 5 p.m.