'We're with you.' First responders hold parade at Bridgeport Hospital for burned boy

First responders held a parade for a boy badly burned while playing in a Bridgeport backyard.
Dominick Krankall was visibly excited through his window at Bridgeport Hospital Thursday as he waved at his group of supporters.
The 6-year-old's story quickly captured national attention this week. Police say he suffered burns to his face and leg when he came in contact with an ignited ball of gasoline in his backyard Sunday.
Maria Grasso, who works at the hospital, says she was so happy to see her little cousin on the mend. She says Dominick wants to have a career in law enforcement, just like the men and women who turned out to show their support.
Dominick's parents say he was the victim of a bully who targeted their son Sunday.
"He threw a ball at his face and set my son on fire," his mother Maria Rua said.
The other child's family disputes those allegations.
Officials say Dominick is bravely dealing with the situation.
"You touched everyone in this state," said Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim.
The mayor joined the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association in giving Dominick this morning to remember.
"We're with you, we're with you 100%. I hope it's a message that will continue to give him the strength he needs as he goes from here forward," said Ganim.
The 6-year-old has a long road of recovery ahead, but the family says he has shown true bravery.
"Little angel. God bless him, God be with him," said Grasso. "He's going through a rough time, but he'll get there."
The family's GoFundMe is approaching $400,000. Dominick's mother says she's grateful her son will not need surgery and is expected to have minimal scarring.