Weston holds public meeting following rise in car thefts and break-ins

Neighbors in Weston gathered at town hall Tuesday evening to talk about a spike in car thefts in the area and what can be done to stop them.
In 2019, two vehicles were stolen in Weston. So far this year, police say there have been 15 reported car thefts in the town of Weston.
Officials say criminals are also becoming more aggressive — in some cases, taunting police to catch them.
Police report in August a car was taken outside the post office in the middle of the day.
This area borders Westport, where people are still talking about the violent carjacking that happened last week that was caught on camera.
"Violence, you know is always on my mind that that could happen in these incidents. It's getting closer and closer, they're getting more brazen, doing in the middle of the day," said Chief Ed Henion.
Henion says in almost every case, the thieves are young and from out of town. And nearly every time, the vehicles are unlocked, so the top tip he recommends is to lock your car.