Wilton man working to get dozens of people out of Ukraine

A Wilton man has traveled to Romania to help refugees safely cross over the border out of Ukraine.
Sean Lentner, a tech entrepreneur from Wilton, says it's one thing to watch the crisis in Ukraine on the news — but that it's a real eye-opener to see it in person.
His team has been helping Ukrainian refugees get across Europe safety.
They have raised thousands of dollars and are spending the money getting people transportation to various points of safety.
In one case, Letner says he a helped a woman get to a hospital in France to get chemotherapy for her stage 4 cancer.
He told News 12 that helping 39-year-old Tatiana Budakov may be a small victory, but that it's one worth celebrating.
Lenter is also working with the Argentinian Embassy to get a group of children safely out of the country.