Police officers shave their heads in solidarity with officer going through chemo

There is a new look in the Wilton Police Department as officers rally behind one of their own in the midst of a personal battle.
Officer Elise Ackerman, 36, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
Ackerman said it is an aggressive cancer, so she started chemotherapy immediately. She chose to shave her head as soon as hair started to fall out.
Since last week, she is not the only one in the department without hair.
"I was approached by several of the officers who requested to shave their heads to show our solidarity and support," said Lt. Dave Hartman.
Hartman was the first to lose his hair at the head-shaving event Thursday with Ackerman doing the honors.
More than 20 members of the police department, fire department and Department of Public Works shaved their heads.
"I hope that she realizes she's not alone in this fight, that we're here for her, that we have her back, that she's not going to go through this alone, that we're going to be there right by her side the entire time," said Hartman.
Hartman has started a fundraising campaign to help the mom of three and her family. He is also organizing a charity banquet in her honor.
"My heart's just overwhelmed right now. I mean...all the love and support for not only me but my family during this difficult time, it's more than I could ever ask for and I don't know how I could ever repay them for everything," said Hartman.
Ackerman has been with Wilton police for seven years. She's been a school resource officer for the past two.
To donate to Ackerman's GoFundMe, click here.
News 12 was given video of the event by GOOD Morning Wilton. Click here.