With COVID-19 cases rising, is CT testing enough?

Clinics across Connecticut are scrambling to meet the demand for more COVID testing as cases climb and more employers require vaccinations or weekly tests.
Southwest Community Health Center in Bridgeport says it's testing three times more people than just a month ago.
"About 50, on any given day," says Mollie Melbourne, the president of the health center. "We do think even that number of 50 is going to increase, perhaps to the number of 100 or more so."
But even vaccinated patients are spreading the delta variant - so should places like schools require testing for everyone?
"Some states are starting to look at that. The CDC is not currently recommending regular screening testing for vaccinated individuals," says Connecticut Public Health Commissioner Dr. Deidre Gifford.
For now, the focus is on "sequencing" - a more expensive test to track variants.
"Collectively, about 10% of the positive cases are being sequenced. So there's still room to go, I think," says Dr. Mark Adams, with the Jackson Laboratory in Farmington.
Back at the urgent care, staff say they're running out of room. They're about to bring back the old mass testing tents.
The federal government pays for most of the COVID-19 testing, but eventually that money will run out.