Woman in vegetative state in hospital for decade gives birth to a child

A woman in Arizona who has been in a vegetative state in a hospital for over 10 years has given birth to a child.
According to police in Phoenix, the case is being investigated as a possible sexual assault.
It happened at Hacidena Healthcare, a facility for medically fragile children, teens, and adults.
Families who have patients at the center are demanding answers, but say the hospital remains tight-lipped on the investigation.
"A lot of people are mad, my family included," says Gary Londer, a parent of a Hacienda HealthCare patient.

Karina Cesena/Parent of Hacienda HealthCare Patient:
"We don't understand why something of this magnitude could happen, and then now everybody wants to be quiet about it," says Karina Cesena, another parent of a Hacienda HealthCare patient.

Hacienda says its hired extra security guards, and male staffers can now only enter patients' rooms with another female employee.