Work gets underway on torn-up Stamford road that led to damaged tires

Delayed roadwork is finally underway in Downtown Stamford, but the project's pause has been more than just an inconvenience for some drivers.
A roughly five-block stretch on Summer Street is finally getting paved after being torn up in late April.
Stamford resident Silva Christov says her route home Monday night took her to the road - where she popped not one, but two tires.
Christov says she tried to avoid the raised manholes.
"This whole thing cost me $1,000," she says. "It felt as if it was a war zone."
Stamford Director of Operations Mark McGrath tells News 12 milling and paving were supposed to happen April 26.
"We had an issue with the state signing off on the proper mix for the asphalt," he says. "It just delayed us a little more than we wanted. As you know, some people, going a little too fast sometimes and had some issues."
But that hasn't stopped a number of drivers from needing new tires. One woman posted on Facebook, "When the tow truck driver arrived, he said this is the 11th trip he's made to Summer Street today for blown out tires from the construction."
She said she called police to file a report but they declined. Christov and another driver told News 12 the same.
"He said, 'Ma'am, we understand how you feel, it’s not only you who suffered the consequences, but we were told by the town not to write reports,'" Christov says.
"That’s incorrect," says McGrath. "The proper procedure for that is you go to the town clerk’s office at Government Center, fill out the paperwork, and then it will go through the process of reimbursement."
McGrath says the Summer Street paving should be done by Friday. The mayor's office is also directing people affected to go through Fix It Stamford online.