Workers allege criminal activity at Bridgeport Health Care Center

Enough is enough. That was the message from the union representing Bridgeport Health Care Center employees.
Workers at the facility called attention to what the union alleges is criminal activity by Chaim Stern, the chief financial officer for the privately owned nursing home.
Employees claim Stern has failed to pay the staff on time on numerous occasions since June 2017.
Stern has also been accused of diverting workers' retirement assets to himself and a religious charity, and of failing to pay the third-party administrator that manages health care benefits.
"Throughout this ordeal, Bridgeport Health Care Center workers have continued to show up, and do their jobs,” said Sharon Weller, of AFSCME Local 1522.  “That's because they care about the residents and take pride in their jobs."
News 12 reached out to the health center for comment but has yet to hear back.