UConn student accused of 2 murders appears in court

A UConn student accused of two murders and leading police on a multi-state manhunt appeared in court today.
Peter Manfredonia briefly appeared in Milford Superior Court on charges relating to the death of one of the victims, Nicholas Eisele.
Manfredonia is accused of killing Eisele and kidnapping his girlfriend in Derby.
Eisele's aunt spoke outside the courthouse and says, "Nick had a life before him and it was taken short for no reason. There were other ways to handle things, and he chose to take a young man's life away, everything before him. He was going to take over his dad's business, in the process of getting himself a home, putting life on track, and doing what a young man should do."
Eisele's aunt says her nephew was a hero and that is how he should be remembered.
Eisele's family says Newtown High School has put in protocols to make sure Jeanette Roderick, Manfredonia's mother and a teacher at the school, does not have any interaction with Eisele's sister, Jessica who is a senior at the school this year.