15 employees resign from Jewish Senior Services due to vaccine mandate

A vaccine mandate at a private nursing home in Bridgeport has been met with resistance as 15 employees resigned instead of getting the COVID-19 shot.
About 150 employees received a letter from the CEO and president of Jewish Senior Services back in February saying the vaccine was a condition of employment. Officials say out of approximately 750 employees, the 15 decided not to get it and ended their employment.
Two employees resigned tell News 12 it was a very difficult decision to leave, but felt they weren't ready to get the vaccine yet.
A current nurse who still works at Jewish Senior Services says she felt forced to get it and felt like she had to put her job before her own personal choices.
President and CEO Andrew Banoff says his staff is almost 100% vaccinated now as some have medical exceptions. Employees had to get the vaccine by the end of May and Banoff says he didn't have to terminate any of his staff.
He says the environment is in a better place, and understands the pressure put on employees to get the vaccine in the time frame.